Saturday, 22 October 2011

A test given to us.. Part I

Assalamu 'Alaykum..

Hmm, after last post on January, Alhamdulillah I'm pregnant again.. Well, it is happened without me noticed after 3 months!! Honestly, i'm quite surprise and not expecting to be so early to have second baby but it is precious gift from Allah, giving a fact that I have my Mateen only after 3 years married..

The pregnancy goes well and nothing so much of morning sickness, extremely tired or what so ever.. it is just same moment when I was pregnant for Mateen. And the life went well, my hubby and I planned to move to a new house, planning for kitchen expansion, kitchen cabinet and after the hustle, we moved to a new house in Astana Permai.. Thanks Allah for ease everything for us..

Until recently, on my 36 weeks of pregnancy, my Obstetrician, Dr Suhaiza told me that she noticed that my baby has low weight about 2.1kg and it should be more or less 2.5kg. It is not stop there, she also discovered that the baby has SUA (Single Umblical Artery). The condition that is commonly associated with vascular diseases, kidney problem as well as heart problem. i went home and ask Mr. Google abt this conditions. It gives me sleepless night...

a day after tomorrow, i received a call saying that i need to go the clinic to have second opinin by Prof Hamizah. So, i went to the clinic... She did fetal echo on me and after 20 minutes, she spotted something on my baby's heart.. It was large VSD and ventricle hypoplasia.. However, she hopes that she was wrong as the fetal echo usually done by a specialist in fetal heart. So, i was referred to Dr Haifa from IJN for Fetal Echo..

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

i'm back to blog...

After one and half year I left this blog, i think this is the right time for me to start again..

Soooo many thing happened for the past 1.5 years and most of them are happy moments..

to make it short, these are among the big moments that can be captured at the moment
  1. Got my MSc IOVS.. (finally dapat jugak..:)
  2. A month after that, me got pregnant.. (alhamdullillah..)
  3. 9 months after that, me got a cutey son, Mateen.. (the happiest thing..)
  4. 1 October 2010, me got kerja at Uni (rezeki mateen..)
  5. Me as a wife, a mommy and a teacher (still going on..and on...)

so, this is me after 1.5 years

Taken at studio in PJ as I didn't go to graduation ceremony..

Sunday, 9 August 2009

My first hand-made Cuppy Cakes..

Yesterday, August 8, we were celebrating Syikin's Birthday.. So, we decided to make cuppy cakes despite the alat2 nak decorate takder sangat..

so,presenting my cuppy cakes decorations..


P/s: Happy Birthday to Wan, Cikgu Rahim.. (My-Father-in-law)

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Kenyonhall Farm ~ Fruit Picking

Last weekend, we went to Kenyonhall Farm, Warrington. It's 30 minutes from my home. I had fun with 1st time 'berry' fruit picking.. Fruit picking rambutan pernah tau!

Nothing much to say, Enjoice..

Thursday, 2 July 2009

My taught module result..

Last tuesday after meeting Chloe, I've decided to do some shopping.. It's summer sale..
Apa yang I shopping?? (tak ckp pun kat my hubby.., abg here it is...)
  • Blazer from Debenham
  • Cover Duvet Queen and Single
  • A Prestige Knives Set
  • Crocs Sandals for my beloved hubby
  • A day Dress from H&M
  • Another day dress
Balik from shopping trus collapse.. kaki pun lenguh.. takder org nak tolong urut.. :(
A'way, it's big fun tho.. shopping.. biasala kan..

Exam result...
On the way back, i've got an email from university abt my result.. It was on the bus..
unfortunately, my phone couldn't manage to display the uni email.. so, dalam bus.. hati memang tak tenang sebab one of the paper, i tak le nak jawab dgn elok sangat.. it was suck.. and disepanjang perjalanan.. rasa mcm lambatnyer nak sampai rumah...

When i got into home, quickly switch ON my laptop and cepat2 tgk result.. full of debaran...

hmm.. below is the email..

Dear Nur Faizah

Following this afternoon's MSc Examination Board, I am pleased to confirm that you have successfully passed the taught element of the MSc in Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences. Your individual unit marks are now available to see on the Faculty intranet.

With best wishes,

Liz Venn
Education Officer
Faculty of Life Sciences
G726 Stopford Building
University of Manchester

Alhamdulillah... I didn't care how much i've got but the thing is I passed!! I'm glad that i'm able to complete this module taught successfully.. It was really tough course for me and I shouldn't recommend my friends for doing master here.. A'way.. Syukur sangat2..

Thanks to my husband yang tak jemu bagi semangat dan doakan untuk afee.. My family, -in-laws and my siblings that are always pray and give me kata2 nasihat..

Tapi, bila ingat2 balik.. memang suffered la jugak.. menangis, rasa down tak payah kira la kan..
a'way.. this is 'part of test yang diberikan...' mengajar kita untuk lebih matang dalam menghadapi perkara mendatang...

Allah does not burden any soul but to its capacity. For it is what it earns, and against it is what it does. "Our Rabb! do not take us to task if we forget, or we make a mistake; our Rabb! and do not lay upon us a burden as you had lain on those before us; our Rabb! and do not impose upon us that for which no strength have we. Therefore pardon us; and grant us protection; and be kind to us. You are our Patron; therefore help us over the Unbelieving people."


X-tra 5 hours...

Today's 8 Rejab 1430..
I decided to fast.. it's actually somehow to show my thankfulness to Allah as i managed to pass successfully the first half part of my MSc. IOVS.. I'll tell you why I'm so happy of this result even tho it is not the final result yet..

Well, what is different in my fasting today is i'm fasting in summer time in Manchester!
Let me tell you the difference... Fajr begins at 2.41am and i have to sahur before that time.. I had air milo (i like) and a toast bread with olive butter and honey..
And the maghrib or the time i break my fast is at 9.41pm!! I'm fasting about 19 hours!! lama kan.. this is my first time..!!
rasa lembik jugak la.. after doing house and room cleaning i slept 2 hours.. (makruh pahala puasa afee..huhuhu)

my menu for iftar today...

Nasi Goreng Kampung Padang Air
Tom Yam Manchester
Carrot Juice Afee
Puding Jagung St Bees Close
Fish Finger Asda

Orait gonna prepare for my iftar...

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Circle of mind..


Feel very dispointed with myself after reading few blogs that are really enlighten me.

I've got everything and capable of doing something yet produced nothing..

Terasa sangat kerdil dan jahil dalam melahirkan rasa syukur di atas apa nikmat yang telah diberikan..

Push the envelope now or never!!

“What is needed now is not a shining sword, but a very sharp mind” – Saying of A Sage