Saturday, 22 October 2011

A test given to us.. Part I

Assalamu 'Alaykum..

Hmm, after last post on January, Alhamdulillah I'm pregnant again.. Well, it is happened without me noticed after 3 months!! Honestly, i'm quite surprise and not expecting to be so early to have second baby but it is precious gift from Allah, giving a fact that I have my Mateen only after 3 years married..

The pregnancy goes well and nothing so much of morning sickness, extremely tired or what so ever.. it is just same moment when I was pregnant for Mateen. And the life went well, my hubby and I planned to move to a new house, planning for kitchen expansion, kitchen cabinet and after the hustle, we moved to a new house in Astana Permai.. Thanks Allah for ease everything for us..

Until recently, on my 36 weeks of pregnancy, my Obstetrician, Dr Suhaiza told me that she noticed that my baby has low weight about 2.1kg and it should be more or less 2.5kg. It is not stop there, she also discovered that the baby has SUA (Single Umblical Artery). The condition that is commonly associated with vascular diseases, kidney problem as well as heart problem. i went home and ask Mr. Google abt this conditions. It gives me sleepless night...

a day after tomorrow, i received a call saying that i need to go the clinic to have second opinin by Prof Hamizah. So, i went to the clinic... She did fetal echo on me and after 20 minutes, she spotted something on my baby's heart.. It was large VSD and ventricle hypoplasia.. However, she hopes that she was wrong as the fetal echo usually done by a specialist in fetal heart. So, i was referred to Dr Haifa from IJN for Fetal Echo..

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